Oshkosh Corp.’s Alicia Boree Lends HR Expertise to Projects

Alicia Borre loves her work as a Global Compensation Analyst at Oshkosh Corp. – and she’s good at it, too. “I have always wanted to find a way to connect my work experience to a larger purpose,” Borre says.

Knowing this, two of Borre’s leaders and mentors at Oshkosh Corp. encouraged her to get involved with InterSector as a skilled HR volunteer.

Jeremy Bernard, Senior Director – Snow Products at Oshkosh Corp. and an InterSector advisory team member, engaged Borre in an InterSector project for Rawhide, which serves at-risk youth and families in Wisconsin. During a labor-intensive accreditation process, Rawhide’s HR team sought skilled support to update 100+ position descriptions.

Borre joined a team including three seasoned HR professionals from J. J. Keller and Associates. The foursome worked in close coordination for a day to finish the project.

“With cross-cultural, cross-functional opportunities like this, everyone wins,” Bernard says. “Promising employees get experience and exposure akin to a mini-MBA, employers make a robust investment in their talent and in their community, and nonprofits build capacity for greater impact. Everyone feels good, and everyone benefits.”

Borre stepped up again when Brian Rhodes, Director of Global HR Services for Oshkosh Corp., invited her to lead the creation of a comprehensive compensation and benefits structure for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Fox Valley Region and Best Friends Neenah-Menasha as they prepared to merge. Two Oshkosh Corp. peers joined Borre on the team.

“This experience challenged me to get back to the high-level basics of compensation to educate our nonprofit partners,” Borre says. “There are very few market resources for nonprofit organizations, which makes setting compensation more challenging. This would have been very difficult for our nonprofit partners to complete on their own.”

Borre valued the experience. “Hearing how helpful the volunteer team was to these nonprofit leaders opened my eyes to how much business professionals are able to give back,” she says. “It gave me a different appreciation for the company I work for.

“I think all business professionals should get involved with InterSector. It’s a low time commitment and extremely rewarding.”

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