Strengthening Our Community Together

Do you believe that building strong nonprofits strengthens us all? Then you might be one of us. We are a community of nonprofit leaders, skilled volunteers and philanthropists.
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Creating Cross-Sector Impact

We envision a northeast Wisconsin in which professionals across sectors tackle social challenges together, with generosity and joy. We -- nonprofit and for-profit professionals -- put our skills to work to strengthen nonprofits behind the scenes, in their HR, finance, marketing, IT and legal functions. These functions empower nonprofits to deliver on their missions. We are Difference-Makers. Giving fulfills us. We are Connectors. We find meaning in relationships. We are Curious. We stay open and learn. We are Risk-Takers. We explore bold ideas.
Where You Fit
"All I can say is THANK YOU for all that the InterSector team accomplished. I knew it would be impossible for our HR department to devote the necessary time to complete [our accreditation] requirements. Thank you so much for your time, and for the tremendous expense savings to Rawhide – and for being willing to complete the project remotely."

Lanette Friemark

Rawhide Benefits Manager
"The experience was great. I really appreciated the thoughtful process. We talked through a number of scenarios and found a perfect project for this type of initiative. It was a great ‘one and done’ volunteer opportunity, giving the volunteer a sense of accomplishment and all the good feelings associated with helping a nonprofit."

Diane MacDonald

Community Clothes Closet Executive Director
"I enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in the InterSector program. The scope of the project was well-defined and easy to understand. The timeline for completion was reasonable, and the nonprofit was very appreciative."

Jon Eiden

Von Briesen & Roper, S.C., Attorney